It Ain’t Over . . .

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

mountain top valleyI saw a “back to school” commercial on TV the other day. My kids all went, “NO!”  And that’s understandable.  School is a wonderful time of community, learning, and formation, but can also be stressful, annoying, and downright painful at times.  But, as a friend of mine once said, “We don’t grow on the mountaintops. We grow during the difficult times, in the valleys.”

But let’s not talk about school yet!  That doesn’t start until next month!  There’s a whole lot going on this month and it’s going to be GREAT!!

In fact, let’s start right there!  GREAT AMERICA is on Tuesday, August 5th.  This is such a great time! Bus ride down, lots of rides and roller-coasters, food on the way home, it’s great!  And it’s just $30 per person! (yeah, that’s a CRAZY price!  But you gotta sign up online ASAP ‘cuz the bus can only hold so many people.  Sign up right HERE!!  Invite your friends too! And get ready for THIS . . . .

But wait . . . there’s MORE!!!

d-groupsSUMMER D-GROUPS are still happening this month so you gotta check out the D-Groups Page to see when and where all the August Summer D-Groups are happening.  We’ll be helping out with VBS on August 13, having a party at The Coopman’s on August 20, and ending the summer at Kopczynski’s (Claire’s house) on August 27.  Don’t miss out!  Because D-Groups are pretty much the best thing out there.  Seriously, they’re great.  Check ‘em out.

aug 2014There’s also Mission:Impossible Night on August 17 from 5 – 7 pm.  It’s a HUGE Indoor/Outdoor game where pretty much you have to break into the church and find the hidden items to save the world.  It’s amazing.  You should come.  PLUS, we’re doing a White Water Rafting Day on August 23 (Saturday) and for just $20 per person you get to spend the day on the Wolf River.  It’s seriously a blast and it’s fun for the whole family.  YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLINE FOR WHITE WATER RAFTING so click HERE!

As always, our prayer is that you seek to grow in your relationship with God and practice The Jesus Way each and every day.

peace to you


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