April Brings Showers (of blessings)…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

flowers in the rainWelcome to April when it’s nice and warm and the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves are budding and God’s Creation is “springing” to life once again . . . except, it doesn’t really feel like that during these first few days/weeks of April this year because, well, it’s snowing a bit and it’s cold and windy and cloudy.  And isn’t that how life feels sometimes?  We want things to be all sunshine and roses but many times, quite often really, it rains and we feel cold and life just isn’t what we want it to be.

cry outBut here’s the thing, when it rains during the Springtime, life is born.  The rain is essential for growth.  Without it, everything would die.  No more colors, no more vitality, no more anything.  God made the world in such a way that it REQUIRES rain and clouds.  And our lives, because we are a part of The Creation, are like that as well.  When it rains in our lives, when things go downhill, these are the opportunities to seek out God and ask, “How can I grow from this?”  When we cry out to God in the midst of a hellish storm in our lives, God HEARS us, every time.  (Exodus 22:23, 2 Samuel 22:7, Psalm 34:17)

lily on rockThis month we celebrate a Holy Week that leads us to the death of God (yes, God dies) which is an awful thing to think about.  But through that amazing time of pain and darkness and death and “rain”, life – eternal life – begins to “spring” forth right from the person of Jesus and into all of Creation.  We hope that this month you will find and take the opportunities to embrace the hard things, the rough times, and the rain, in order that you might begin a new life – an eternal life – with God and the Resurrected Jesus.

peace to you


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