Time To Fall…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

pumpkin spice everythingOk, honest question: how many pumpkin spice foods or drinks have you had now that it’s October?  C’mon, they’re EVERYWHERE!!  Lattes, shakes, pancakes, donuts, crackers, soup, yogurt, tea, oatmeal . . . the list goes on and on.  It’s crazy how many different foods we associate with certain times of the year.  Stuffing = Thanksgiving.  Candy Hearts = Valentine’s.  Ham = Easter.  Fruit Cake = um, no one eats that anyways so who cares!? ;-)  But during this month of October, it seems that it’s all about the PUMPKIN SPICE!

community quoteBut October is also about many other things.  There’s things like rolling in piles of leaves, watching football games with your friends, hanging out for a weekend with family, campfires, trick-or-treating, and so much more.  We here at the STYG want to honor all those things and more.  Being a part of a group of people – a community – is possibly the best way for us to live our lives together, loving God and loving Neighbor. Jesus didn’t come to earth and do all he did by himself.  He invited women and men to follow him, to learn together, to form a community, and quite literally change the world.

so much to doDuring this month (and every month), you’re invited to be a part of this community.  There’s so many things going on.  Sunday afternoon events.  Wednesday nights.  Overnights (New Beginnings).  Weekend retreats (The Fall Lock-In).  Service Projects.  Seriously, check out all the different things going on in October by going to the CALENDAR PAGE where you can download/print/see the whole month at a glance.  If you’d like more details about different events, check out the YOUTH GROUP PAGE for all the different Sunday events.  Also, don’t miss the D-GROUPS PAGE which tells you all about the things happening on Wednesday Nights.  The FILM SCHOOL PAGE let’s you know our current and upcoming films for Sunday Mornings.  And of course there’s events where you’ll need to register online so go to the SIGN UP FOR STUFF PAGE.

The bottom line is this: God invites us to be a part of the ongoing re-creation of this world. And we want to form a community that learns, practices, and grows together as we become empowered by God’s Spirit to help heaven crash into earth.  We pray you’ll join us!

peace to you


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