Let’s Party…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

bible light shine downJuly is upon us.  And it’s going to be one heck of a party!  Yes, we said party.  Partying isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, it’s very much a God thing.  “To Party” means to celebrate, to dance, to clamor about foolishly and these are all things that we’re commanded to do in the Scriptures!  (Psalm 150 uses the word Halal for “praise” and it literally means to go a little bit crazy for God). Like this!!


party gifEven Jesus gets in on the PARTY action!  Jesus’ first public miracle mentioned in the scriptures is at a wedding where they’ve run out of wine. (you can read about it here) Wine symbolized the Life and Blessing of God in the bible.  To run out of wine was a serious problem.  And Jesus (most importantly) restores God’s blessing to this wedding by turning a whole lot of water into a whole lot of amazing wine.  But also, let’s not forget, that when the wine runs out at a wedding, the party dies.  Jesus, while obviously being all about restoring God’s blessing to all people, is also about Keeping The Party Going!

So, what’s going on this month?  How can you Join the Party!?  SO MANY WAYS!!

d-groupsFirst, check out the BRAND NEW D-GROUPS PAGE by clicking on the side or top menu where it says “D-Groups”.  Because there’s lots of amazing PARTY TIME going on there!  From a Cookout at The Walter House, to helping to set up the Prayer Journey Tent at Lifest, to a Pool Party at the Prehn’s, it’s going to be a crazy awesome time!  Plus there’s LIFEST!!  Hundreds of bands, dozens of speakers, lots of food, great vendors, oh and gathering together with 10′s of Thousands of other Jesus followers to pray and sing and PARTY!

washington illinois damageFinally, please be praying for the Washington, Illinois Mission Team who are heading to (duh) Washington, Illinois to help restore and renew lives that were torn apart by the November 2013 tornadoes in that city.  Pray for Kendall, Lindsay, Mikky, Meagan, Kjersta, Jill, Mitchell, Molly, Savannah, Madison, Sierra, Aran, Tabby, Savannah, Cece, Karin, and Claire.  They will leave July 22 and return July 27.  Seriously, pray for them and for God’s Blessing!  PLUS JOIN US FOR THE CAR WASH & HOT DOG SALE on July 20 to help raise money for the mission Trip!

Browse around here at styg.com and check out all the new stuff that keeps popping up. Our sole passion is to help you connect with God, grow with Jesus, and practice our faith together.

grace and peace


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