Thank. Ful(l). Ness.

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

frosted leavesThe leaves are all but gone from the trees.  The frost is on the grass each morning.  The threat of snow looms large.  And whispers of a special day in December are in the air.  Yup, it’s November.  The month of gaining an hour of sleep, beginning to scrape your car windshield, and needing to shovel the sidewalks and driveways free of the white stuff. But most importantly, November is full of Thankfulness.

thankfulnessThankfulness – it’s three words in one actually.  1) Thank, as in saying “thank you”, is perhaps one of the most redeeming words out there.  Saying “thank you” or “thanks” can lift someone’s spirit.  It can bring smiles to faces.  It expresses gratitude for something done and acknowledges that it was good. 2) Ful(l), as in being full of something is a blessing.  When we are full of something good it bring joy.  To be full of the good things in this world helps us recognize how incredibly blessed we are. 3) Ness is a suffix that we add to words.  Ness is a suffix that expresses the quality of state of an emotion, or action.  When we are in a state of being thankful, or grateful, or being kind, we add -ness to the end of the world.  It tells the world that this isn’t just an action or just words, but rather, that this is how and who we are!

What state are you in?
How have you been filled up?
To whom have you said, “thanks” to recently?

stygHere at THE STYG (st thomas youth group) we are passionate about inviting all middle and high school students into a state of being loved, forgiven, and being empowered by God to share those things with the world.  We pray that students are filled with God’s Spirit so that we can continue to participate with God in the redemption of all things.  And we want to say “thanks” to all of you who help make this ministry possible. Seriously, “thank you”.

give thanksThere’s a WHOLE LOT going on this month so make sure you check them all out.  You can see the whole month of November on the Calendar Page.  We’re watching The Avengers in Film School this month so please know that you’re invited to that each Sunday at 9 am.  We’ve got a Costume Party, a Service Project to Fr. Carr’s, and an incredible Terminator Night taking place on various Sundays at Youth Group.  And of course there’s D-Groups each and every Wednesday from 6:15 – 8:00 pm.  All these things, we pray, will encourage students to trust their lives each day to The Jesus Way of Life and to be strengthened by the community that forms when we gather.  And again, to all of you who are a part of this ministry, we are drenched in ThankFul(l)Ness for the ways you support and bless us!

peace to you


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